10.000 Kcal Cheatmeal Does Not Make You Fat

Debunked by LabShapers

Going on a truly epic cheat binge does not kill all your progress…

Ribs fresh from the grill, fried eggs, bacon, huge cake with frosting, brownies, multiple bags of Lays potato chips…all in one serving. Impossible you say? Nah, sometimes your stomach can transform into a never ending pit. So what happens next? after this “unplanned increased caloric intake” Do we convert alls these excess calories into fat? Fortunately NOT!

Unlimited accumulation of body fat

Our bodies are able to store unlimited amounts of body fat. There is no breakpoint where your body will stop absorbing calories and accumulating fat. Look around, I bet you can find 300lbs folks easily. From an evolutionary standpoint it makes perfect sense. Our ancestors needed to be able to survive multiple food shortages. There where no 24/7 shops or fully packed fridges back then…

Being efficient at storing body fat made long periods with almost no food intake possible.

Also Having any extra muscle became a burden, it became beneficial to only have enough muscle to accomplish day to day activities. Muscles are metabolically active and consume energy.

How Much Damage Can You Do In One Cheatmeal?

Now that we have determined the ability to store body fat (life saving system), just how much damage can we inflict on a brownie binge?

NONE, minimal at best…
A lot of bloating/water/food weight will blow up the scale but the amount of body fat you will gain, won’t crush your progress.

Why? The effects are negligible because your intestinal caloric absorption rate is limited due to several biological limitations. (digestive enzymes etc…). In essence the bulk of the calories will just end up in your toilet…Plain poop, done and gone.

Only if you cheat constantly, you will notice fat gains. There is only so much your body can process at a given time into fat… people just over think it. If you are strict and 10k cheat like twice a month it’s just fine. It may even be beneficial! Enjoy and don’t feel guilty!

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