bingeing on health- and superfoods won’t help your immune system

Debunked by LabShapers

Do you ever have zinc or echinacea to prevent colds? Do you drink hot lemon water or any juice for a better resistance? Such promises sound also very tempting, but immunologists have agreed that supplements that supposedly stimulate the immune system does not work. The Guardian explains in why.

The innate immune response is the reason why you get a fever when you are sick. The immune system consists of both an innate part and also of a part acquired. It detects an infection, then shoot the innate part of the first run. It works quickly, but not refined. For example, it covers not only the target microbes, but also the place where they are located. And it increases the temperature in order to prevent the spread of germs.

Then, the acquired system takes over and works much more focused: it recognizes the enemy and then makes the appropriate antibodies to destroy it. Before the acquired system can create the necessary antibodies, however, there are five to ten days passed. And so the first system to prevent the disease can multiply during that period.

The only way to speed up the process – and thus to increase your immunity – is by vaccination. Vaccines contain harmless versions of a particular disease. For example, the acquired immune system can recognize and disease next time act faster.

The misconception that we can improve our immune system with supplements, has its origins in science misunderstood. Vitamins and minerals do play a vital role in the immune system, but are in a normal diet abundant. There have been studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of such supplements, but which usually happen in selected groups of patients with certain deficiencies. An extention to the general population, is wrong.

Dont want to get sick? Impossible, its just nature’s way 🙂

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