4 Youtube Fitness Icons That Make a Difference

Debunked by LabShapers

Youtube Fitness channels are booming, But wich are worth your time?

Obviously they make claims, sell this and that (buyouts), and mostly waste our precious time and yup, some are extremely narcissistic! But who are the ones that do tell something, the ones that…make a difference and whom we can learn from? Here’s our intake!

Elliot hulse

Strengthcamp founder Elliott Hulse is ultra-charismatic. The man was born to speak infront of an audience. His know-how and teachings are mostly strength-based (former power-lifter) and he does have a soft side, combining meditation with Ralf E. Walderson and Alan Watts… Interesting stuff…

Kinobody – Aka the real Bruce Wayne

24 years old, Intermittent Fasting preacher and to be honest…a tiny bit narcissistic! But Respect to the man for what he has achieved and how he selects his topics, content. Really nice package, limitless potential and a lovely Gregory!

The Hodgetwins

The HodgeTwins need no introduction, The twin brothers are fun to watch. Many follow the channel mostly for its entertainment qualities. Also Strong intermittent fasting believers!

Christian Guzman

Young Christian posted his first vid at the age of 15, 8 years later he has build an amazing physique and is pretty famous for his detailed vlogs and the company he managed to build from zero to seven figures (alphalete). A big “if it fits your macro’s” believer and pretty decent content. Respect Christian and keep up the nice work!

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a group of science nerds, tired of being out of shape. We were bullied, made fun of, No more! We debarked on a journey. A journey of seeking the truth. Not as jocks, but as scientists. Learn from us and be amazed...

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