Lack of strength, skill or natural ability – Mental Conditioning

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Lack of strength, skill, or natural ability are all resolved with mental conditioning

Awareness and imagination are 2 MAJOR keyword in this post…

Feel like quitting again

Call it guts, will, or balls. Persistance is mental toughness. but how do we obtain this unusual state of mind? Most of the information online is anecdotal and no real science or clear, crisp studies are provided. Therefore we@LabShape did some research (again), asking some zen-icons about what it takes to focus, push, and outlast every obstacle. To never feel like quitting again, whether it’s on fitness, health, family or job…

Anyone can improve

Mental toughness is the ability to maintain the focus and determination to complete a course of action despite difficulty or consequences. Mental resilience is usually something you’re born with or develop at young age due to your surroundings.

Make yourself hardcore by jumping in the water and then learn how to swim…has a low success rate. You most likely will drown…

Still, it’s fair to assume that anyone can improve his tolerance, stamina, patience, and focus.

Intrinsic motivators

Those who are deemed mentally tough are called “intrinsic motivators”. Folk who are intrinsically motivated are willing to push themselves to the brink for love, sport or goals.

They need no encouragement and often do well. Needless to say, these cases are pretty limited…

For most of us, if the task seems uncomplicated, our confidence is high. But if an obstacle is perceived as extreme or even hard we just walk the path of less resistance, believing there’s no way we could overcome it. Sound familiar?

Self-induced pressure

If you’re overwhelmed by impending tasks, deadlines and feel our breaking point coming up, mind these simple steps. Start with eliminating potential stressors and break down the task at hand to make them seem easier.


we use


Outside stimuli and your own beliefs create negative feelings. Therefore shift your focus on the ones that make you feel better. (6 min. to succes)


VISUALIZE, before you even step under the bar for a squat your set should be mentally processed. Imagine the steps you’ll take to get every task done.


Routine and comfort makes you lazy. Don’t expect to make progress when getting to comfy. The same logic applies to the gym and life in general. Keep learning new things and progress in every domain. Applying any challenging stimulus to your life will give you a greater ability to handle stress. Problem-solving skills and critical thinking will be part of your subconsciousness.

Try to anticipate any problems that could arise. Have a solution in mind and you’ll be surprised how far you can go!

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