about us

We are a group of science nerds, tired of being out of shape. We were bullied, made fun of, NO MORE!

muscleOur efforts were all in vain. We tried everything. Diets, supplements, gym’s…And one day, we saw that guy in the gym, who came 4 times a week, and still looked like shit. Thats when we realized we were lied to.

Fitness instructors, Health consultants, Diets, magazines etc. its all BS. Nothing works, nothing is maintainable, its to difficult, inhuman almost.



We debarked on a journey. A journey of seeking the truth. Not as jocks, but as scientists. We wanted to crack the code! AND WE DID 🙂 We found the holy grail! Staying lean has never been so easy and effortless. Learn from us and be amazed 🙂

Since then we decided to build a platform where we debunk all the so called inventions of the health and fitness industry. We want you to succeed, finally wake up and show the finger to the corporate masses!

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