Get Addicted To Caffeine And Prevent Death

Debunked by LabShapers

Do Java, Monster, Red Bull and other energy drinks fuel your daily activities?

Are you craving the black substance? If so, you are probably addicted to caffeine. And that’s not a bad thing…Let’s review the negatives vs the positives!

Frequent headaches

100g of caffeine is enough to give you a terrible headache. Frequent headaches might be a result of your caffeine intake.

You need coffee

Feel like you cannot get through a typical day without drinking coffee? Congratulations! you are probably addicted to caffeine. Yay!

Withdrawal symptoms

Tried abstaining or cutting down? You probably might have experienced drowsiness and fatigue. Withdrawals symptoms which confirm your caffeine neediness.

Possible Caffeine Health Benefits

Ok, you are a cuppa junkie! But that’s doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Caffeine health benefits are far more present and proven than the negative side effects. In Japan, researchers have shown that caffeine:

Increases memory, replenishes muscle glycogen, detoxes the liver, relieves post-workout pains by up to 48%, helps ward off Alzheimer’s, prevent skin cancer, prevents erectile dysfunction, reduces Kidney Stone Risk, prevents weight gain by stimulation your metabolism, helps with asthma, lower risk of suicide

And these are just a few. All proven and researched facts. (Google them if you like, you will be surprised!) So next time, if some know-it-all tells you coffee is bad for you. Tell them to go Google themselves!

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