Adele’s Weight Loss – Cut the Sugar Dear!

Debunked by LabShapers

The British Singer debuted at the X Factor live shows, went big with “Hello” and went hard on adapting a new healthy lifestyle.

We wonder what lifestyle changes she did make and the implications on her weight loss. if you’re a fan of Adele, you’ve probably noticed the drastic weight loss and a whole new look. Now then, how did she do this? For starters she cut the following bad habits:

  • 10 cups of tea a day with tons of sugar (Very British)
  • Alcohol and processed food are gone
  • Heavy British sausage breakfasts became low calorie-ish
  • Lots of fruit and vegetables, plus lean protein and complex carbohydrates

She does like doing weights

BUT ALSO her the personal trainer at the private KX Gym in Chelsea lets her work on strength as well as cable machines. In essence she is performing HIIT sessions and hitting the weights. Strength training and HIIT are still a far superior fat-loss routine then the traditional steady state cardio. Wich in Adele’s case she actualy does like doing.

The Sirtfood died

Later in 2016 she revealed she was on The Sirtfood died which is a fitness plan by her private coach and trainer Pete Geracimo.

The diet encourages plant foods which activate the body’s “skinny gene” and improves fat mobilisation. We obviously do not believe the claims, but contribute her weight loss to a caloric deficit from eating all those plants and the absence of sugar, alcohol and processed foods. HIIT and weight training helped with her total energy expenditure (TEE).

Impressive transformation! And keep up the great work.

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