Age and Fitness – Does Time Catch Up?

Debunked by LabShapers

Age and Fitness… do we eventually end up moving like an old man?

Getting older is inevitable. As we age, we lose some muscle mass and bone density due to declining levels of our prime hormones. Nature’s way of declaring us obsolete and making sure we don’t get in the way of the younger more viral specimens.

Feel great and look athletic

To age like 007, is to take care of your body NOW. You won’t recover as fast as you once did in your twenties but that does not imply you can’t feel great and look athletic.

We tend to get very busy in our thirties, due to more demands at work and a couple of kids at home.

Key is to balance and maximize that little ounce of me-time. Lessen the the burden of middle age with these shape-preserving strategies!

Watch your protein intake

Protein provides the building blocks for muscle tissue. We knew that, but we sometimes do neglect our intake.

Strive to eat some protein EVERY meal. Focus on complete and fairly lean protein sources, such as eggs, fish, chicken, meats, dairy

(dairy is not evil btw). Don’t bother getting protein shakes and amino acid drinks! We still think they smell scammy.

Deterioration starting point

Flexibility decreases when you age, and 30 is a deterioration starting point. Shortening of both muscle and connective tissue occurs at this age. A proper warm-up is essential and try to include some extra stretching and mobility routines.

Keep HIIT’ing it

Your heart is also a muscle, and you lose some strength in ALL muscles. Our ability to extract oxygen from blood diminishes severely. Keep calm and keep HIIT’ing it. 4 minutes, 3 times per week and you’re done!

Testosterone levels need to be UP

Testosterone is pure masculinity. Libido, aggression, muscle mass and low body fat. As you age, your testosterone will drop significantly.

Men experience a decrease in their thirties capping at a whopping 1.5% per year. Lowered insulin resistance, and depressions are also some popular side-effects…

Luckily strength training can naturally increase testosterone levels. Try including a minimal of 2 strength-training sessions per week. ALWAYS perform compound movements, such as squats, presses and pull-ups. Compound movements increase protein synthesis and crank up your beloved anabolic testosterone.

Yes, it’s possible to look and feel great at any age. It just requires some tweaking…Keep healthy and keep learning!

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