Anabolic Feeder Workouts! A New Hype?

Debunked by LabShapers

We used to believe the holy trinity was essential in order to make muscles grow…

Intense heavy weight workouts, extreme high protein diets and plenty of anabolic rest and recuperation. Aka, the holy trinity! Neglecting one of these aspects made it impossible to achieve your goals and doom you into mediocracy…


The third factor in this holy trinity of muscle building and arguably the most important is one that most people tend to neglect. The infamous NO PAIN, NO GAIN quote still makes us take on heavy workloads, trying to put in as much work as we possibly can. A good 8 hours sleep is night is also impossible for most. Sleep will not only refresh your body and mind, but it also makes muscles grow.

But what if…tweaking that rest-period could trigger something interesting?

Why the FEEDER term?

Muscles need to recuperate and rest is essential. The aim of feeder workouts is to assist in this process. After training you tear apart the muscle fibres, then they need to time to heal.

By introducing a feeder workout the next day, preferably just before bed, you are not tearing apart the fibres, but essentially “feeding” the fatigued muscles with blood

Supplying them with additional oxygen and nutrients. Hence speeding up the healing AND building process. You’ll be able to train more frequently and fuel your muscles for growth. Pretty slick correlation!

Ego lifters…Stop reading

What we don’t want is to cause excessive stress to the muscle, so ego lifters…Stop reading! Do your feeder workouts with light weights or body-weight push-ups just before bed. Just concentrate on the pump. Perform quickly and with good form. Keep your reps in the 30-50 range and try to put in 3 sets with little amount of rest in between. After a week, increase the intensity. Just make sure you feel that pump!

Demolish your plateau

Remember, feeder workouts won’t damaging the muscle, we just need that pump of blood feeding it with everything that is required. Feeder workouts can be applied to any muscle group. If you’ve hit a plateau with your 5×5 regime, try incorporating some feeder workouts.

Be consistent at it. It could be the new growth-shock to your system…

Many athletes swear by feeders and it’s going mainstream fast. so give it a try and keep us posted!

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