brandy, gin, rum, vodka ,tequila and whiskey are light drinks

Debunked by LabShapers

It is certainly possible to gain weight with alcohol, because one gram of alcohol contains lots and lots of calories (7 kilocalories).

A huge disadvantage of alcohol is that it provides little or no satiating sense. After several beers you will be hungry as hell. Another disadvantage is that you have less control over your impulses, hence no discipline..Oh poop. Tipsy party ppl go to greasy burger-king.

But then…life’s to short!
A night in the pub? Drink dry white wine, red wine or, the really good stuff (brandy, gin, rum, vodka ,tequila and whiskey). These are the most sensible choices because of the low sugars and calories content compared to the liquor and mixed drinks. Just as clean bulks you also have clean drinking ?

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