Breakfast is Not the Most Important Meal of the Day!

Debunked by LabShapers

What happens when you start eating after a nice comfy night? Bad things? Yes! Bursts of fat storage insulin combined with elevated morning cortisol…

Fat, poor insulin sensitive, and out of shape people, according to fitness standard, but average according to the standard for modern man used in common literature, sit down to eat breakfast, and due to the influence of cortisol, the pancreas responds with a rapid high burst of insulin. This forces your body into a fat storage mode! Not a desirable effect…

An unnecessary caloric burden

The breakfast-induced insulin peak comes much faster and is much higher, due to the meal coinciding with the morning cortisol peak. Also breakfast is an unnecessary caloric burden that interferes with our caloric maintenance or deficit dieting.

Post-breakfast hunger surge increases

But this is when it gets interesting. Your post-breakfast hunger surge increases in amplitude and frequency for every damn ounce of body fat you lose beyond a certain point. At some point, it will become overwhelming, and that’s when plateaus come into life, progress wise. The rest is history… You lose motivation and start to question your program.

Smart enough to recognize the clues

Post-breakfast hunger occurs more frequently in fairly lean individuals. It’s fairly common in the 11-13% range. As you close in on the single digit, it becomes very noticeably indeed – and a serious obstacle. To make a long story short we are sure you are smart enough to recognize the clues, all of this raises interesting questions we will deal with in the near future!

Stay tuned!

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