Build Muscle Avoiding Dead-End Mistakes

Debunked by LabShapers

It’s only natural to want a sculpted body. Muscular lean people will be treated with more respect…At first ofc

exercise-1235019__180Unfortunately your body will only add new muscle tissue to its frame if you give it a reason to do so. Afflict the same amount of stress for the same amount of time, and your body has no reason to adapt… your current muscle mass is doing a great job as it is. Remember, your body loves homoeostasis (it does not like change).

Avoiding Noobie Dead-End Mistakes

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a group of science nerds, tired of being out of shape. We were bullied, made fun of, No more! We debarked on a journey. A journey of seeking the truth. Not as jocks, but as scientists. Learn from us and be amazed...

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