Calorie Surplus to Gain Muscle? Opposing Views

Debunked by LabShapers

Muscles are not built with wishful thinking and tinker-bell fairy dust

However it does not take trillions of excess calories either. Is it possible to add muscle without a surplus? SURE, how would teenagers living on diet Dr. Pepper and beef jerky even grow into adults… Is it OPTIMAL? Not in the slightest.

Caloric surplus from bodyfat stores

Can your body use extra calories needed for new muscle mass from existing fat stores present on your body?

The idea of gaining muscle while losing fat is somewhat believed to be a fairy tail.

Also referred to as “body re-composition, but is it possible to accomplish?

YES! But… Our body appears to take calories out of fat stores and use them to magically build muscle. However, a relatively lean noob lifter will have a harder time putting on solid mass if not in a surplus….

An overweight beginner will see some magic occur

When they get more advanced, muscle gain rate will slow down eventually. For all this to make sense, there’s one crucial ingredient needed: PROTEIN. No building blocks, no muscle.

Optimal surplur for lean athletes

Eating 200 to 400kcal a day OVER maintenance is necessary when in a lean state (-12%BF). There is no more excess fat and energy to fuel the building process. You will make NO gains in a deficit when “shredded”.

If unsure what your maintenance calories are, try using the BMR calculator and don’t forget:

The earth won’t implode if you gain a tiny bit of fat while trying to put ons size…

Stay tuned, we will discuss how much protein really is needed to sustain muscle growth in our next post. (it’s far less than you think)

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