Counting Calories Just Drives You Nuts

Debunked by LabShapers

We need to change the way we look at calories

Calorie counting does not work

One tiny magnum-mini: 160 calories. half a cup of frosted flakes: 220 calories. Sound familiar? You’ve probably been there counting calories to lose weight and maybe it even worked for a while. Over time…it fails, those pounds came climbing back on because of one essential point: Calorie counting does not work. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle and will drive you completely insane after a few months.

Sick and and deprived

We also tried the “count calories” strategy! Counting them every single day, every single meal, sticking to that 1,600 range to lose weight. The results weren’t that great. shredness just did not manifest even on such restricted diets. Sick and and deprived the calorie counting regime was hurting us and we where catabolic as hell.

High-quality calories

Yes, calories do exist and are essentially an energy measurement. and if your intake is to high, you will gain weight. But the whole picture is not that black and white. Our body does not treat all calories equal. High-quality calories like leafy greens, nuts, chicken, eggs and steak fill you up quickly and keep you full for an looong time.

Besides the satiety component, there’s also a hormone release trigger that tell the body to burn fat.

Also breaking down fiber, versus processed foods makes a word of difference for our basal metabolism. On the other hand loads of processed foods, sugar, and refined grains make you even more hungry, hence you are more likely to overeat.

Cut calories to lose weight

Dieting only tackles the symptom rather than the underlying cause. The cause is – you guessed it – eating poor quality foods that throw your fat-burning, appetite-taming hormones out of whack.

When you focus on whole and healthy foods, you don’t have to count calories. Your body will awaken and tell you what it needs. It’ll take care of the rest, including keeping you at a healthy weight.

Like wild animals…ever saw a fat wild cheetah? So stop tracking calories and focus on quality over quantity. You don’t need a nutrition label to tell you what healthy…But don’t forget to enjoy life and food and throw in that occasional pizza!

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