Cheatmeals? yes or no? just enjoy without guilt

Debunked by LabShapers

You train consistently, eat clean and keep a healthy lifestyle. In short; You work hard for that killer body. Does this mean that you should never eat something unhealthy? No, quite the contrary. An occasional cheat meal is just fine. It even brings some advantages.

# 1 It increases your metabolism
If you eat continuously healthy, your body will get used to it. With a cheat meal, add in those extra carbohydrates and fats, you increase the hormone leptin. Your body is awakened and prepared to burn that extra fat because its certain food is plenty and available.

# 2 Easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Endurance is…impossible. It dam hard to resist temptation. After a cheat meal, the motivation to train properly and eat healthy is stronger then before.

That sounds great, but it’s important to consider a few things. It involves a cheat meal, NOT a cheat day! Difference is enormous. If you want real results you have to take this into account. Here are some tips optimise your cheat meals.

# 3 Plan ahead
Provide structure and plan your cheat meals. You have something to look forward to and less a burden to your healthy lifestyle.

# 4 Eat until you are full
Do NOT BINGE 12.000kcal style. Thoroughly enjoy your cheat meal, but stop when you are full.

# 5 Train the next day
And train hard. Because there is plenty of glycogen (your fuel and energy reserve) in your muscles and liver, so utilise this advantage!

# 6 Drink plenty of water
Drink lots of water after your cheat meal. Calculate approximately every gram of carbohydrate that you ingest, you should drink about 3 grams of water.

You can’t live without a cheat meal, Life would be dam boring! but make sure this is not the reward for your hard training and your healthy lifestyle. Your reward is your tighter and stronger body. You feel healthier and fitter than ever before. And this is still our ultimately goal …

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