When Coffee Fails To Wake You Up – Energy boosters To the Rescue

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After a few all nighters coffee and other caffeine substances won’t cut it

A few deadlines kept you from getting a decent amount of sleep this week? Unfortunately your double espresso is not going to make you soar through your day. A recent study reveals that the reason is not yet clear. Neuroscientists are puzzled, but there are some alternatives you might want to try. Energy boosters to the rescue!

Our most popular quick fix: caffeine

When energy levels drop, you probably reach for that nice comfy cup of java, or hop into the local starbucks around the corner, relying on coffee now more than ever before. While coffee isn’t all that bad for you, in reality you are postponing and masking fatigue. Instead let take a look at some alternative energy boosters out there.

Natural quick fix alternatives

Green tea
Stuffed with vitamins grean tea packs its own low-level caffeine punch, this is one of the most effective fatigue counter measures.

Coffee and tea have a different kind of caffeine! Rotation is the key!

A piece of gum
Gum doesn’t just refresh but it’s spiciness also stimulates your body.

Illuminate yourself
Bright light awakens your nervous system and senses! a natural response…

Take a walk and breath fresh air
Light physical activity is enough to get your blood pumping and organs working!

A glass of icy water
Fatigue or hunger are often symptoms of dehydration, so get some of that cooool fluid!

Get something crunchy
Like a carrot… or some raw peppers work miracles

Light lunch and big dinner
Digesting food is hard, take a light lunch to avoid that afternoon dip

Take a shower
Crazy energetic after a hot bath or COLD shower

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