Command and Conquer All You Can Eat Buffet Binging

Debunked by LabShapers

That all You Can Eat Buffet, limitless foods and choices have always inspired us…

But how do we manage this excess om-nomming? We are all familiar with the all-you-can-eat buffets. They make us go high-wire and crave the things we never wanted in the first place. Does this mean we inevitably all binge? We need to keep some key strategies in mind to conquer the caloric monsters.


We don’t eat to satisfy hunger

Finding the perfect blend of pleasure and commons sense is an elaborate process. At a buffet we don’t eat to satisfy hunger or other needs. We eat just for the hell of it and the pleasant social experience. The reason we find foods tasty, is that tiny twinkle in our nucleus accumbens every time we eat. Pure, clear, crisp dopamine right up the hedonic hotspot.

Deplete carb stores the day before

So how do we survive? Implement a 500kcal fasting routine the day before the feast, keep those carbs at 30 grams or fewer so your body will deplete the glycogen stores. All set and ready to absorb the excess calories and as such preventing a fat storage spill-over.

Pre-Game and proteins

Now listen carefully, Use this is the approach when face to face with the deceptive buffet genie. Start with preparations, stuffing your face with low calorie volume. As much as you can!

Raid the salad bar like a scavenger, combine light dressings and veggies and add some slices of lean protein, just to make your plate look socially acceptable

Once you done that, and your hunger is completely blunt, only then move to the real goodies. Try to avoid carbs as much as you can and fill your plate with meats and fish. Make sure your plate has a 70% protein ratio at least. With those full plates coming in, your chubby auntie will smile and pinch your satisfied cheeks, collecting the check later on.

Damage control by Overfeeding on protein

With a semi depleted glycogen store from the day before, the carbs will be redirected nicely into your muscles.

The excess of calories coming from the protein will be very hard for your body to convert into fat. While it’s biochemically possible it’s unlikely you’ll ever be in that situation.

Bottom line, in the face of large “lean” protein intakes, the stomach reduces its rate of gastric emptying in order to slowly supply the gut with incoming amino acids. Hence distributing the caloric load over time…Pretty simple but effective as hell!

And there you have it. Your “survive the buffet guide” Please do share your experiences. Question on the matter always welcome…


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