Creatine, The ONLY LEGAL Muscle Building Supplement out there

Debunked by LabShapers

Creatine is the only legal supplement with REAL scientific studies to support it’s effectiveness

It’s not a big secret! We don’t endorse or believe in supplements even though lot’s of sources claim they work. They don’t! But say something over and over again and people will eventually believe it. It’s in our nature…

ONE exception to the rule

An easy way to safeguard against any potential shortcomings of a monotonous diet is diversity. Plain and simple: include all sorts of whole foods in your diet regimen and you’ll be just fine! That being said, there is ONE exception to this rule and it’s called Creatine.

Add more lean muscle mass

Creatine has REAL multiple scientific studies to support it’s effectiveness. It’s miles ahead of the competition and it’s the only supplement we dare to mention on the LabShape site with a straight face.

Besides elevating muscle Creatine ensures a direct performance boost, Creatine also aids muscle growth through satellite cell proliferation, myogenic transcription and insulin-like growth factor-1 signals.

If that sounds to medical for you, let’s clarify a bit. Creatine is the “good stuff”, makes you stronger and adds more lean muscle mass to your frame. Comprende? 🙂

Creatine is found in meats and fish

Creatine is found in meat or fish and science claims that there are no veggie sources. Therefore, vegans have to get enough of arginine, glycine, and methionine which are used in production of Creatine. However he amount of meat you would have to consume is unachievable through daily meal intake. Creatine supplementation is the only possible outcome.

Achieving your goals easier

Creatine is not not essential by any means, performance wise it makes life and achieving your goals easier. For the sake of transparency supplements are certainly not critical to your success and you may in fact do just as well without them. We can’t stress enough that a balanced whole foods diet goes a very long way…

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