Customize Your Own Supplement Pill

Debunked by LabShapers

Caffeine, Folic Acid, Iron, Omega 3, Vitamins A-… Custom designed by You and FDA-approved

For starters, we are not affiliated by any means to the company, nor do we intend to pick-up affiliations in the future. We still are and will always be a 100% independent health-platform.

Amazing concept

one-pillWith that out of the way, the concept blew us away.

a 3D-Printed pill created with FDA-approved pharmaceutical polymers, filled with micro-nutrients of YOUR choice AND…here’s the best part…You can also select & tweak the release time.

In other words, how long it takes for your body to assimilate the CUSTOM contents of the pill. Pure medical science-fiction brought to your tablet.

Only get what you need

customized-quantitiesWhen you combine your supplements into a single pill, you no longer have to take multiple pills, but the timed release is where the magic really comes into play. After taking your pill in the morning, supplements are released at specific times throughout the day.

Your pill could release vitamins right away and caffeine later in the day for that much needed energy boost.

But there’s more… you can even specify how much of each supplement you want so you can take what you need when you need it.

It gets even better

Not only do they use supplements that are backed by extensive peer-reviewed research which demonstrates their continued effectiveness, But

you could also use their mapping algorithm to recommend a pill personalized for you based on the information you provided…

We at LabShape wish these entrepreneurs all the best! Great job guys and good luck!

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