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Debunked by LabShapers

In order to determine whether you have this eating disorder (or are developing one), there’s a two-part diagnostic plan drawn up by Bratman & Dunn which can be quite illuminating.

Part 1:

Obsessive attention to healthy food with exaggerated emotions and stress when making food choices:

Behavior and thoughts: Compulsive behavior in food choices and thinking healthy thoughts.
Self-imposed anxiety: Your own rules cause fear, shame, fear of illness, feelings of impurity or negative physical sensations
Limitations in food: Always discard of more food groups at a given time ( “gluten” or “E-numbers” or “carbs”, etc.).

Part 2:

Behaviour that disrupt your daily life, for example:

Medical complications:
Malnourished, extreme weight loss (mostly water & muscle), low energy
Lifestyle barriers: Difficulty with social interaction when food is involved (cancel, excuses)
Emotional dependence: Body image, self-esteem, identity and satisfaction are extremely dependent on your prepared meals.

This last point is important. You’re angry at yourself when u eventualy binge, And… No one else has figured out these rules, except you.

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