Dieting Alters Gut Microbiomes

Debunked by LabShapers

Gut Microbiomes alternations may cause rapid weight gain after crash diets

Some smart white jackets folks in real labs found that the gut microbiomes of lab mice who lost weight dramatically were altered, and that these

Gut changes remained in place for 2-3 months and contributed to rapid and excessive weight gain

if the mice were fed high fat and sugar diets.

Release the mice

To determine whether it was due to the microbiome, the -again- smart lab folks transferred the changed microbiomes into mice that had not previously been exposed to crash dieting. They found unusually rapid and excessive weight gain when the mice were given “unhealthy” foods.

Homoeostasis after starvation

Might this be nature striving for homoeostasis after starvation? Is it some kind of dna-built-in survival mechanism? Maybe…Both! Although the scientists were not able to determine what the mechanism is or how exactly the microbiome’s persistent post-diet state increases weight gain.

Flavonoids levels

But after digging a little deeper, they found that the key changes were the reduction in flavonoids levels. Flavonoids what? Apparently “it” manifests in the gut after dieting, and reduces energy expenditure. A “post-biotic” treatment might neutralise these effects.


The professors are now exploring whether this is also the case in genuine humans. Do our microbiomes respond in a similar way? Could treatments restore our gut to its regular state after dieting? We will keep you posted!

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