Dirty Dieting – Losing Fat with Big Mac’s

Debunked by LabShapers

From a purely clinical point of view, it doesn’t matter if you’re including a BIG MAC in your diet regimen

Say something over and over again and people will believe it. Foods may be labelled unclean by generic health guru’s, As long as protein intake and the total amount of calories consumed remain constant there won’t be any measurable differences in short term fat loss when comparing “clean food” diets with the much tastier “unclean foods”.

Slight disadvantage

In the long run there might be a slight disadvantage regarding overall body composition on a diet where fat and carbohydrate are omnipresent (trans fats and loads of corn syrup). But these aren’t relevant to the discussion if you’re not pre-contesting or photo-shoot prepping.

Adherence and sanity

We do think and are pretty sure on the matter, one should opt for food choices that have elevated satiating and nutritive properties in relation to their caloric content. These foods will in general be made up with foods that are traditionally “cleaner”. However cheat meals or “unclean” foods at least once a week have benefits in terms of adherence and sanity.

Three-Month McDonald’s Diet

Seems like everyone agrees on the matter. More or less. Anyway to state a very interesting experiment, it is perfectly possible to change your body composition on BIG MAC’s and fries 🙂 Teacher Loses 37 Pounds After Three-Month McDonald’s Diet

Affect mood, hunger and appetite

In real life and considering long-term health, food choices do matter greatly. They affect mood, hunger and appetite. It still is an important factor to consider when designing meal plans. However, do get your occasional favie fast food and enjoy without guilt!

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