Elon Musk’s Poor Diet and Lifestyle! A Mars Bar for Breakfast Followed by…

Debunked by LabShapers

Elon Musk’s Diet and lifestyle are a disaster. We dug into all available content about Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon. This is what we found out!

It’s no secret that Elon is burning his candle. Being CEO of two legendary companies is pretty damn impressive. We do need to keep our brilliant Elon healthy so that he can keep changing the world. At the current rate he’s heading straight for disaster and fits the imminent stroke parameters mentioned by the CDC.

Sleep, and wake up times

Elon gets 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep on average. He goes to bed late, usually around 1 am.
SCORE 7/10

Exercise habits

He certainly could slim down a little… He does work-out once or twice a week. Be he admits he should do it more often… “for sure”. Elon’s training regimen consists of some steady state treadmill and lifting light weights.
SCORE 6/10

Eating habits

A genius and extremely efficient at multitasking but fails badly with his eating habits.


He has a coffee or something like that.. and a mars bar(seriously…mars) followed by a diet coke, but he admits he is trying to cut down on the sweet stuff. He thinks he probably should have an omelet, and sometimes he does have that.


Lunch is served to Elon during a meeting and he chokes it down in merely five minutes. SpaceXBucks, the local cafeteria is the best break time café ever! and food is available for free and looks like pre-packaged space-snacks.

Coffee and diet coke consumption

To get through the day, Musk relies on two stimulants: caffeine and caffeine. Recently he started cutting back on the former, Musk consumed eight cans of Diet Coke a day as well as multiple cups of java. Elon was losing his peripheral vision due to the excessive stimulant intake 🙂


This is where the big guns (calories) really come into play. If he has dinner meetings he eats enough for two people. Appetizer, main courses and all those other “sort of stuff”. Business dinners are the thing where he probably goes way overboard by making poor food choices.
SCORE 3/10

Work habits

Elon hovers in the 80 to 90 hours per week range. Which is more manageable then the 100 hours per week he used to put in. Needless to say this demands enormous stamina and puts huge amounts of stress on the entire body.
SCORE 3/10

Total score


He is an icon, and we respect him immensely for what he has accomplished, but still is human… He needs to make some drastic lifestyle changes if he wants to preserve his most important asset… HEALTH!! Keep improving the world Elon, but please take care of yourself and move out of that -50% danger zone ASAP 🙂


Intermittent Fasting combined with a fairly clean and lean protein diet, followed by a couple of 4 minute miracles a week. Guaranteed busy schedule proof!

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    He is way over-rated.

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      Big talk for someone who can’t do much of anything…

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