Common Misconceptions About Exercise

Debunked by LabShapers

When we exercise we do lose weight? or don’t we? Overdo it and put your body into an energy-saving mode.

With exercise you burn calories, but it’s less than you might think. Include overestimating the sport performance and compensate for overeating.

There have never been so many fitness centres, but at the same time we have never seen so many overweight all together.

You sweat, you feel your arms and legs

“It feels like an accomplishment: you sweat, you feel your arms and legs. But the body burns fewer calories than we think. ” To illustrate: a Canadian study showed that volunteers who had been on a treadmill for twenty minutes, thought they had burned at least 800 calories. In reality, there were only 200.

200 calories equals… a banana 🙂

Not limited to that tiny bit of weight loss

But let that be no excuse to sit in your easy chair, because the benefits of exercise are not limited to that tiny bit of weight loss. Exercise does lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, regardless of your weight.

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