Fake YOUTUBE diet gurus – Ignorance is bliss

Debunked by LabShapers

We are bombarded with diet gurus and “health experts” who claim their program works best, for just $20, you can download their e-book and gone are all your problems.

What a load of …! Can’t believe people still fall for that… Ignorance is so bliss!

Hidden and obscured to the public

youtubeMost claim high meal frequency is ideal for health or weight loss. A subject that has always been questionable from a physiological point of view, but the real truth remained hidden to the public.

Supplement companies makes millions

Hidden & buried in academic papers and hard to decipher for anyone without a medical degree or solid understanding of the topic. (…And not the so-called experts.)

For years there was no incentive to talk about the meal frequency. Industries want you to believe that smaller and frequent meals are important. Supplement companies make billions from people that binge down shakes and meal replacements. And yet they still believe that it might be beneficial.

In essence we ALL believed the myths once. – Mommie said breakfast was the most important meal of the day -, preparing those whey shakes, setting the alarm clock so we didn’t miss the next meal, Horrified with catabolism, etc…

Time to stop all that other nonsense

And why? Corporations are keeping these myths alive with insane marketing budgets. And their reach is higher than those who spread the right information, it’s reasonable that we believe the things we hear everyday… After all just fairly recently some scientists got fed up!

Evidence against high meal frequency is rising, while protocols like IF, hence lower meal frequency are emerging. The new research has been made available. It’s time to stop all that other nonsense.

Inexcusable if you claim to be an expert

In this day and age, people that claim to be a diet experts and keep infusing these myths are the example of incompetence. Be wary of them. They are around, well funded and their number is vast.

Confront or even harass them and ask them to back up their claims with real evidence. Ignorance is inexcusable if you claim to be an expert.

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