Mental And Physical Transcendence Through Fasting

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Temporary deprivation of food might remind us of what we fundamentally need to survive

From religion to medical purposes, fasting has been used since the beginning of time. For the uninitiated, fasting sounds daunting and it’s not easy to start. To be completely honest, it hurts at first. Although this is temporary. Once your body adjusts, tremendous benefits become tangible.

Meditation, labour and… FASTING

Buddhist teachings have three distinct recommendations for the brave seekers of transcendence: meditation, labour and fasting. These techniques for feeding our inner self all start with the distinctly human capacity for self-reflection and contemplation.

Fasting is essentially a period of recuperation.

Strive to make the necessary readjustments, refresh and reinvigorate (Growth Hormone Secretion) your full organism. And…this works like a charm…For literately thousand of years fasting has helped folks fight health issues AND kept them lean.

Find out for yourself

One of the most significant “side-effects” of every type of fast is the auto-appetite correction, no food is off limits! Your body tells you what you need! It’s perfectly normal for your appetite to kick in, but the drive to eat is thrown out of its natural balance by our abnormally food-oriented habits.

Whether food intake is measured through calorie counting, points, or portions, most diets are short-term reduce intake based.

We want a “diet” to be comfortable, sustainable and effective for real folks with real lives. A healthy diet and healthy weight are only the start of a happy social and active life.

Let’s go cold turkey

When diving in cold turkey, one simply does not consume any calories until the eating window opens. This approach is effective in most cases but may require a number of “just-missed-the-window” days before eventually reaching the target. Using this approach, the first week is typically the hardest to get through, and after this, it gets easier very quickly.

If you slip, don’t give up. Getting close to your easting windows pushes your body to adapt, which makes it easier to reach your windows on your next try.

Slips are part of the adjustment process…No worries! Remember: if you fall off the wagon, get right back on, immediately.

Multiple fasting protocols?

Can’t really be objective here. All good fasting protocols that work incredibly well because of the effect on your hormonal environment. While all of them are effective, the most important thing is to choose the one that fits best for you, hence giving yourself the greatest advantage.

24-Hour Fast (aka Eat-Stop-Eat)
20-Hour Fast (aka Warrior Diet)
Leangains 16:8

Of all protocols out there, leangains is probably the most sophisticated, in terms of both intention and execution. While most fasting is effective mainly because it prevents you from eating, the Lean Gains style is really about maximizing hormone secretion. 24-Hour fasting is not a daily routine (duh), whereas 16/8 leangains is. As such you are going to have a daily increase in GH (growth hormone), which leads to greater fat-burning and muscle building results.

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