Fat People Blame Their Hormones And Genetics

Debunked by LabShapers

Folks are fat for exactly one reason: They eat to damn much.

The exact reasons behind that gigantic caloric surplus can be numerous, subtle, and pretty hard to nail down. According to mainstream media and “mainstream science”, there is no one answer to the phenomenon.

Ripped abs do not make you healthy

Do not make immediate assumptions. Healthy body weights ranges are much broader than most people think. Not having ripped abs does not make you unhealthy. Being overweight is also not a character flaw. It’s just a misunderstandig of biology. Pure know-how!

Also someone’s weight is none of your damn business. Keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t assume that something as complicated as human body and behaviour can be reduced to a simple math.

Starvation and scarcity…Yay!

the accumulation of body-fat is a basal biological system designed to prevent starvation when confronted with extreme abundance. Body-fat itself is not unhealthy…Unfortunately the fat itself is a symptom, not the whole problem, so only addressing the fat percentage may not fix the underlying problem.

Faults in modern cultures

The prevalence of overweight and obese individuals is a symptom of faults in modern cultures leading to a uniquely sick population. Despite this, combatting obesity is insignificant in both plausibility and potential benefits compared with lifestyle improvements for all individuals.

Hormones And Genetics? Nah!

  • Refined sugars and processed foods
  • Self induces and environmental stress
  • Little movement/physical activity … don’t call it exercise…
  • Basically NO balance for far to long.

Genuine junkies

Food addiction is a real thing. The brain sends out powerful signals that are registered as overpowering cravings and insatiable hunger. Leptin, the satiety hormone, is blocked by insulin that is produced when processed sugar and flour are consumed. The brain scans of food addicts look much like those of drug addicts, sometimes even worse. As such we need to spread the knowledge an combat the disease/addiction!

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