Fatness And Fitness – Weight Loss Is Just The Beginning

Debunked by LabShapers

With all this increased attention on diet and weight-loss, We seems to forget what’s really important

Health and quality of life! That’s why we are proposing a new approach, starting TODAY – focus on your health, not on your fatness aka weight. What does this mean exactly?

Weight loss is the initial goal

Ever noticed active people seem to be able to do get things done? They enjoy life more than their unfit counterparts. They are able to move without effort and generally have no problem getting through the day.

While weight loss is often the initial goal, We need to shift our focus to our fitness instead.

When we get active, we begin to notice those extra perks such as less stress, better sleep and more energy. Overall we just feel happier! And guess what… weight loss might just happen as a side effect!

Make some drastic changes

Most folks do recognize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and most of us have good intentions. We decide to make some drastic changes. But we lack the consistancy! We have tried this numerous times.

We tend to lose some and gain some over and over again. Our struggle lies in the challenge of keeping the weight off.

When you focus solely on weight loss the big picture is often missed. Focusing on health and seeing that bigger picture allows you to feel successful regardless of what the scale says. But most importantly, it helps you to create a stronger foundation and a spine.

Lost the motivation again

Weight loss and fitness are a million dollar industry. There are literally millions of exercises, fat loss and health programs; With most of these initiatives, you read them and then they get bookmarked, never to be opened again. By the time you actually start, you have probably lost the motivation again.

There are no shortcuts

The most effective system for optimal health and weight management combines exercise and a healthy eating in a 50/50 split. Fitness is more than weight loss and long-term sustainable health is more than a once in a year attempt. The only way to achieve success is to be truly involved in the process. You know and are aware of your body better than anyone.

If you want something put in the effort and go and get it! Anything worth getting, it is worth fighting for!

So start today! A brisk walk or take your bike instead of the car, Do some push-ups before bed, break a sweat, kick some soccer with your kids, But START TODAY. The possibilities are endless and they are yours to take.

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