What Do Fitness Models Do Differently?

Debunked by LabShapers

6 times per week in the gym, with your diet in check, yet you will not be mistaken for a fitness model any time soon

What’s up with that!? Steroids! That’s the immediate answer people give you. Is that the only difference? Are all fitness models on the gear? and is that why there’s such a massive gap between a model and the average Joe enthusiast?

It’s their profession

fitness-1291996_960_720Contrary to many fitness enthusiasts, those folk are earning their main income through photo shoots, public performance and sponsorship programs.

The most entrepreneurial models usually start their own youtube channel, supplement and apparel line

Which is very often developed by some corporate buckaroo. The point here is that their income is directly correlated to their physique. Being flabby does not sell squat. So they have to take everything much more seriously.

No pain, no gain?

Due to the economic reason above, models need to plan ahead. They cannot afford to find themselves in a situation that does not go according to their diet. Furthermore those guys and gals know how to train.

Exercise are performed with excellent form and adequate repetitions. They don’t lift their ego

and train extremely effective. Massive difference here. People never tend to see the sweat, blood and tears.

Make all haters grin

A fundamental element is time! You just have to put in the time. Some did train over 10 years to become an “overnight success”. But let’s get to the subject that will make all haters grin.

Yes, a HUGE number of the fitness models take illegal substances. The goal justifies the means…

If you want to compete or be on that cover, you do need to make some decisions. You might not be particularly proud of it, but sadly it still is the harsh truth. Athlete’s in their best possible shape are often dehydrated, pumped up, tanned and lighted in such a way that true perception is distorted. and lets not forget photoshops’ magic.

Determination, discipline and knowledge

What we want to reveal here is that those folks know their shit and do it well. Yes, steroids might bring your opinion about someone slightly down, but in all honesty, those are just the icing on the cake (icing does make your cake stand out). A few cycles won’t make you a fitness model. Determination, discipline and knowledge, that’s what separates the model from the average Joe.

Avoid charlatans

Oh and do ignore 99% of the clowns who post BS selfies purporting to be “clean” athletes with unnaturally built physiques through simple “clean eating and hard work”. Due diligence folks, just work hard/smart, avoid charlatans and focus not on comparisons but on your own progress.

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