Food & Supplement Industry Benefits From Stupidity

Debunked by LabShapers

Live and learn. Everyone who learns through the usual channels, be it health magazines, diet books and forums, gets cursed

The Food & Supplement Industry Benefits greatly from your stupidity endorsing the prevailing belief system of what constitutes a good diet. Let’s label this “broscience”.

THEY don’t want you to know

We’ve all been there, done that and followed these insane rules. Led like cows glazing at the interstate, not knowing better. Believing that those we listen to do actually know what they were talking about. Here’s the catch, they do! but don’t want you to know. COMMERCIAL INTEREST is an ugly brutal beast!

Convenient myths run rampant

While these “convenient” myths run rampant in health and fitness communities, you’ll find that many are continuously propagated in the mainstream media as well. Faulty conclusions cited out of context. For example, many believe that alcohol makes you fat, Yet, if you examine how inefficiently the body converts ethanol to fat, based on what really occurs at a physiological level, you’ll find that it’s completely false.

Repetition & commercial forces

Myths are kept alive by Repetition & commercial forces. The industries benefit immensely from poor folks believing that frequent meals provide a metabolic advantage. In the real world, we don’t have time to prepare six meals a day. Instead they offer to buy meal replacements, shakes and quest bars. The cereal-flake-poppers benefits by preaching about the virtues of breakfast health and fat loss. There is no commercial intrest in telling folks that they would do just fine with one, two or three plain meals a day.

So-called health experts

The same rule applies to “diet gurus” and health experts with a massive list of PHD’s and academic credentials. They should know better but keep preaching the same myths. Frustrating and strange at least. Perhaps they lost their drive or motivation in keeping up with research. Maybe they’re just afraid their credibility would plummet if they changed their advice they dispersed for years…

Keep following us, Soon we will debunk ALL the myth’s out there. it’s a long read but we promise, it will be worth your while 🙂

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