Fruit Sugar Hurts Weight Loss, better stick to veggies!

Debunked by LabShapers

Fresh fruit is a tasty, healthy way to satisfy your sweet liking. But recently people are more aware of the amount of fruit sugar in that favie serving of fruit.

Fruit contains fruit sugars (fructose), ITS PURE HARDCORE REFINED SUGAR. These sugars provide calories, like sugar from the sugar bowl. An apple or an orange contains an average of 50-60 kcal, as many as a biscuit. A kiwi contains only 30 kcal…

But make no mistake, Fructose is sugar! period! Also natural sugars make you hungry, even though they have less direct impact on blood sugar, they certainly have an effect. Our sweet tastebuds are asking for more. The body starts to produce insulin once you get something sweet in your mouth. It does not matter what it is, it acts directly on the brain, whom takes immediate preparations to limit the damage.

So to limit the damage, we do not binge on fruits!

  • Eat up to 3 servings of fruit per day as a whole, if you are diabetic, then limit to 1 piece per day
  • Drop the glass of fresh fruit juice ASAP, it gets u huge amount of sugar. (1 serving equals 3 oranges)
  • Try to consume fruit in combination with protein or fat, thus encouraging the body produces fewer insulin
  • Select more acidic fruits and be cautious with sweet fruits

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