G7 Global Health Agenda, Seriously?

Debunked by LabShapers

The G7 is able to send strong signals that investing in health is the cornerstone of sustainable development. But does it places health prominently on its agenda?

Crowds of protesters clash with police ahead of a G7 summits, and every year thousands gather to decry the group’s policies on “capitalism and globalization.” The G7 also places places health prominently on its agenda, and this year they talk about…Claims…Yup that’s it,tThey found that the economic returns to health investments are very impressive…(Yay, let’s look at the mortality stats…)

Poverty, oppression and misinformation

And there you have it, the economic returns are far more important, as always. Truth is hidden. As long as the corporations get to sell their sugar coated flakes…All good! And we wonder why we keep failing. crowds blame the G7 for poverty, oppression and misinformation.

It’s up to us to seek the real truth

A special group focuses on enhanced research and development (R&D) and since their control requires new diagnostic tests, drug treatments,
vaccines, and surveillance tools, whom without a doubt will cost billions and years (2035 – globalhealth2035.org), We doubt we will be hearing anything usefull in the near future. It’s up to us to seek the real truth about health and lifestyle choices!

Support the movement!

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