Going Gluten Free May Cause Issues

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Blindly avoiding gluten without suffering from Celiac Disease is unhealthy

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people. Ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. Upon exposure the gluten cause an inflammatory reaction and damage several internal organs. People’s awareness of the disease has grown over the years and non-celiac people adept this gluten free lifestyle with a false assumption.

Unnecessary gluten free ads

Gluten free labels and advertisements are an indication of people’s awareness of the disease. Public misconceptions come not just from daily immersion, but from a massive amount of incorrect posts found through simple google searches.


For people with the disorder, avoiding gluten is a necessity, but deliberate implementation of a gluten-free diet has concerned several experts.

Avoiding gluten is not okay

the gluten-free industry also benefits from mass consumption.

Yet another opportunity rose to make that extra buck and present lovely quarterly figures to the board!

It’s in that context we’re trying to do our part to put accurate information into circulation. There are many risks on a gluten-free diet when it’s not medically necessary.

Multiple cases of deficiencies

The consumption of gluten-free rendered foods lead to multiple cases of deficiencies in folate, thiamine, and iron, which are found in grain products. Eliminating all foods that contain gluten makes a balanced healthy diet fairly difficult.

Imposing gluten-free could also be socially isolating, especially for children…

Just imagine a birthday party with “restrictions”… No traditional pancakes or cookies!

Gluten free and healthy are not a synonym

The amount of adepts without a valid medical reason is alarming! Many people blindly believe that all gluten free is healthy by default. A totally false assumption knowing that there are still fats and sugars present in those (super)foods to be dealt with. Several micro nutrient deficiencies are also not to be neglected. Proper diagnosis is crucial and starting the diet adhoc should be avoided.

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