Gym Owners Turn Passion into Disguised Extortion

Debunked by LabShapers

More and more complaints rise about gym practices. We investigated 34 well-known Gym centres and the results are shocking

Most of the complaints concern the difficulties encountered by the members to cancel their subscription. As a gym-member you have your rights but also your obligations, and consumers are rarely aware of the content or implications they sign off to.

Hung by the neck

Besides the general conditions, they often contain abusive clauses whereby the consumer is hung by the neck when expressing his/her wishes to cancel their gym-subscription. Pretty darn aggressive.

Do I Need to Take Dietary Supplements?

YES OF COURSE, if you want results, you need to buy BCAA’s, Whey, Fatburners, Vitamins, Sportdrinks, Pre-workouts, Post-workouts, bla bla bla… and you can’t trust those online stores… You should buy them at our local gym shop! THANK YOU VERY MUCH…and have a sporty day! (sarcasm fyi…)

LabShape advocates understandable procedure

Therefore LabShape advocates, among other things to uphold a reasonable set of conditions, a simple AND understandable procedure to cancel a subscription and tighter inspections from the government, since the law is still fairly fuzzy on the topic at hand.

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