Hate workouts? 4 minutes HIIT is more than enough

Debunked by LabShapers

Time for a workout? or just don’t feel like it? Scientists at the McMaster University in Hamilton Canada claim that if you exercise 4 minutes at high intensity, your health will benefit.

The researchers invited 27 men and divided the subjects into two groups. The men from the first group dit HIIT sessions. During those seconds, they had to give themselves the best. This workout lasted a total of ten minutes, including two-minute warm-up, three minutes obtained during cycling at a leisurely pace. The men from the second group had weekly three times three minutes at an average speed bikes.

“Our study shows that interval training can be more effective than moderate exercise. You experience the same benefits, but it takes less time” says professor of Kinesiology and principal investigator Martin Gibala in the journal PLOS ONE. He advises people to walk up and down the stairs during lunch.

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