How to Estimate Proper Portion Sizes

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The size of dinner plates and pizza pans have grown exponentially

Even vehicles, public transport and other establishments have larger cup holders to accommodate those big sweet beverages…What the…

Bigger seems like the new default

As everything grows, bigger and buffed seems like the new default, distorting our perspective about serving sizes. A recent study found that modern servings of common, mostly processed foods added an extra 100 to 250 calories. While that might not sound that excessive, an extra 100 calories per day can pack on an extra 10 pounds of fat in a year! Pretty darn twisted!

2,000 calories in one sitting

Certain meals appearing “normal” in size can add up to a whole day’s worth of calories. Pay a quick visit to your popular fastfood joint and rest assure you’re getting more than 2,000 calories in one sitting. And this isn’t unusual. When trying to maintain weight and body composition or lose a few pounds, it’s important that you estimate your caloric intake.

Keep portions in check

When faced with big plates of food, the table below could be a helpful tool in determining the amount of calories per sitting. Be aware of your caloric intake. It’s still the most important parameter in reaching your goals.

portion size

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