Failed Fitness Goals! What’s next? Hypnosis?

Debunked by LabShapers

So many failed attempts at achieving those fitness goals… So…What’s next?

Weight Watchers, crash diets; juice cleanses; marathons; and diet pills that basically are legalized meth and bring out the raging lunatic you didn’t even knew existed. Sounds familiar?

Always end up where you started

A few pounds here and there — except for the meth pills; they could take off every pound on your body…for ever! but you always end up where you started. Relatives might tell you to stop worrying and accept your body the way it is. But for the lucky few persistent folks, the issues go beyond the scale. You just want to get there…

That chocolate cake, gone in two days

Getting there requires a major mental shift. Some may have flirted with the idea of hypnosis before, but repeatedly dismissed it because they didn’t believe it was real or legit. After all, and to be completely honest, it does sound like SciFi at first…

Scepticism and desperation

We decided to schedule one session with a genuine Phd MD, “just to observe an analyse” the methodology. Settled into the lounge chair, He talked about nutrition, metabolism, and endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. Then went on to explain that endomorphs just can’t process carbs like others can. The therapy would center around eating the right foods when hungry.

Accessing subconscious parts of the brain

Before starting the actual hypnosis, he explained that hypnosis is about accessing subconscious parts of the brain while the conscious mind remains idle. Youtube like mediation music and a backwards count from 10 booted up the procedure.

Relax, imagine a warm fluid running over your head… Next, Picture yourself writing numbers on a blackboard, starting with 99, erase and rewrite until you reach 0…

At a certain moment, the number count was lost. Definitely still aware of conscious thoughts, but deeply relaxed. A state of mind so chill and calm…a unique experience!

No urges to snack…

That night a pretty lean dinner made perfect sense. No urges to snack… The next day, and the day after that, no chocolate cake was consumed. An entire week schedule without slipping once! It seemed like there was more control over food. Ate when hungry, and stoped when satiety kicked in.

Maybe it was the hypnosis, or maybe not.

Sure, cheatmeals have their place (remember leptin), but it’s almost always a conscious well thought decision, and it doesn’t derail the plan. In fact, something that was truly difficult in the past! Hope this helps! Comments and thoughts welcome below!

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