Leave Your Pride At The Door – Form vs Weight

Debunked by LabShapers

See a kid curling 10 pound dumbbells in the gym? Well he might be making more progress then an ego-tripper curling 30 pound without proper form…

“poor” kid curling 10 pound dumbbells

There’s a well-known quote that applies to all gyms: “Leave Your Pride At The Door”. This could apply to both you and the “poor” kid curling 10 pound dumbbells. It doesn’t matter what he’s or you are lifting. What matters is your proper form!

The 30 pound curls could involve more shoulder, back and swing motion in order to move the weight…

Hence not activating or applying any progressive overload what so ever, resulting in NO progress! None, nada, niente…zip!

What Is Proper Form?

Proper form is essential when training to achieve your goals. The quality of your training directly correlates with your progress, more than the quantity.

Time under tension, full range of motion and angle all contribute to success.

Proper mechanics are actually very simple. Try to extend and contract the specific body parts by utilizing the intended natural human movement. Make that mind-muscle connection and “feeeeeel” the muscle working.

Joint alignment as a reference

There are so many elements to consider when using “proper form.” Another important factor is using the joint alignment as a reference, and then varying the grip and range of motion.

Unfortunately we see so many people still using bad form and poor technique. You must master those two things before doing some serious lifting.

And if you stumble upon a noob in your gym who is on his way to snap city…share the knowledge, and experience, it’s useless and such a waste if you can’t pass it on…

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