Lighter weights, Same Muscle Gains

Lighter weights seem to be just as effective as heavy ass weights

New studies are re-thinking traditional workout wisdom, suggesting that lifting lighter weights for higher reps is as efficient as lifting low-rep heavy weights.

Contradicting the decades-old gymtalk

A series of studies that started in 2010 are contradicting the decades-old advice that the best way to build more muscle is to put in heavy lifting. Fatigue is the key here.

Lift to failure and it doesn’t matter whether the weights are big or small.

Researchers recruited two groups of experienced weight lifters for the study. One group lifted lighter weights for more reps and the other group did heavy 5×5. Both groups lifted to the point of failure. Odd, The Japanese concluded the same ages ago…Muscle and blood samples did show identical gains in muscle mass and muscle fibre size, a key measure of brute force.

Take a break from lifting heavy

Although elite athletes are unlikely to adopt this training regime, it is an effective way to get stronger, put on quality size and improve health.

Take a break from heavy lifting without compromising any gains

It’s also a nice incentive for the masses and get folks to take up something they would not consider otherwise.

However, more work and studies remain to be conducted in this area. Underlying mechanisms are still open for debate. These findings are public and published online in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

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