Low Carb’ians Are Terrorists

Debunked by LabShapers

Lose weight by cutting all carbs in your diet? A miserable, depressive lifestyle!

It’s not maintainable and unnecessary. Popular high-protein/fat, and very low carbs diets claim they take away hunger, burn fat en don’t make you feel deprived at all.

Really? No more home baked cookies or even oatmeal or fruits? pretty depressing if you ask us

But let’s take a closer look, just to be sure…

Low carb terrorists

Low Carb’ians are terrorists simply because they blow up human evolution. In essence all humans are omnivores. A proven fact judging by our dental configuration. Believe what you want, a cow or a horse can’t chew meat! Hence ALL macro-nutrients have their place. However, there are people that have a completely different set of opinions.

100% Carbs in a deficit equals weight loss

Some believe you can get fat when eating carbs in a caloric deficit.

The idea behind this claim, is that we can’t store fat in absence of insulin (we can btw – ASP Enzyme)

Carbs equals insulin. Ditching carbs must mean no fat storage (wrong again). We can’t stress this enough, LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS! Energy can’t evaporate into thin air. Calories are energy AND if we take in less energy then we consume, we lose weight. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF ITS CARBOHYDRATES OR NOT!

Carbs are essential

We have a tendency to draw to conclusions without having considered the middle road. Folks are convinced they could only achieve their goals on low carbs, yet it turns out they do even better when incorporating veggies and fruits as a carb source. The middle road, with a minimum of refined sugars, is very workable and even mandatory. Carbohydrates are essential for:

  • replenish muscle glycogen after hitting weights
  • prevent protein breakdown and catabolism
  • vitamins and minerals aka micro-nutrients are easier to hit
  • less effort to fit into your lifestyle
  • enjoy a health GI tract -no constipation
  • no loss of calcium in bones
  • some experience fatigue and dizziness on low carb
  • healthy kidney function
  • overall mental sanity
  • dehydration prevention
  • primary fuel for the brain AND muscles

We can come up with several others; but want to wrap up! Key point of this post is to never exclude a macro-nutrient from your diet. Low-carb may help initially, but in the long run has to be weighed against the deprived feeling, possible health issues and the decrease in performance. Questions, concerns or remarks? Do let us know!

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