How To Lucid Dream For Weight Loss

Debunked by LabShapers

Lucid dreaming is a powerful mindtweaking tool

So much more

Lucid dreaming allows the dreamer to take control of your dreams and have unique experiences. But LD is so much more.

It’s like a superpower that can be used for many things. The possibilities are limitless!

One of them is pretty cool! Fitness and weight loss. Sounds unbelievable? Lose weight and get fit by simply dreaming? Let’s digg a little deeper, shall we!

what’s the point?

The dreaming itself is not the only component! While intense dreaming causes the heart and respiratory system to react it won’t be as much as actually doing a triathlon in the real world.

So what’s the point? well it’s all about enjoying crazy cheat meals whilst dreaming.

Cravings for food from stress, sadness or just simple desire for something sweet are ALL possible in your dreams. Imagine a feast, every night that you enjoy and experience like the real thing. Once the dreamer is awake, the association passes over in real life.


Let assume the dreamer just started running. In real life they can only manage a few miles due to low energy or lack of conditioning.

In the dream they can run indefinitely and move in a breathtaking Swiss mountain landscape.

AND the benefits go beyond! Practice running, practice proper breathing, and condition the mind to actually enjoy the exercise! Once the mind is conditioned the effects will ripple out in the real world!

Want to tryout this pretty unique approach? Read the howto induce lucid dreaming by clicking the link below!

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