Max Verstappen F1 driver training & health secrets

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Max Verstappen: Being an F1 driver is not just about racing and traveling around the world, But also a lot of sweat and severe workouts to get and stay as lean as possible. Weight matters btw! The 18 year old Dutchman made his debut in 2015 and has won his first GP in spain.

“Normally I get up at 07:30 and head for the gym at 08:45” said Verstappen. “Sometimes I have breakfast and sometimes I don’t!. It all depends, because sometimes I just aint hungry. My breakfast? eggs, yogurt and a lot of water.”

“My trainer has been with me since the beginning of January and guides me through the programs, making it a lot more enjoyable. It’s a pretty disciplined routine. I don’t really like cakes or sweets… so that’s not a real issue for me. But I have to be careful that I don’t overdo on the pasta! I do like it very much.

Max Verstappen training routine

“In the gym we focus on my neck, my upper body and core stability, which is very important. Mostly endurance type training. In the morning I will focus on strength training and work on my upper body and neck. for my neck I use weights and bands. at home we have a machine that simulates a real car, you put a real helmet on and pull weights with your head and neck, which is a really effective workout. ”

“Lunch time is pretty light! and after a short break its time for cycling and other aerobic stuff.”

4 day blast, 2 day less intensive and 1 day off

“Recovery is very important in a fitness schedule and often neglected. So I do a 4 day/week program, with two days less intensive training and one day I relax completely. There is always room to improve physically, but I felt pretty good during the first test in Jerez. I am therefore convinced that I will be ready for whatever the season brings

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