Maximum Muscular Potential? Steroid free!

Debunked by LabShapers

For natural athletes (steroid free) the absolute most muscular you can become while maintaining a 5-7% body fat level is height in cm – 100 equals weight in kg

For example an athlete (in metric) with a height of 1.78cm – 100 is 78kg at its most muscular. This is the maximum maintainable lean mass state. Steroid free. Hence your body genetic limitation at normal testosteron levels.

Peak condition; 5-7% body fat equals rock hard abs with visible veins, striated arms and delts! Make no mistake, this is not the average lean poolside Joe!

magazines serve as poor role models for what’s possible without “assistance”

Body builders that appear on the cover of magazines serve as poor role models for what’s possible without “assistance”. Establishing reasonable goals and limits for natural athletes is important in order to put things into the right perspective.

5-7% 170-180 lbs is a beast

A shredded 170-180 lbs athlete is often scoffed at in fitness circles. What people don’t realize is that 5-7% 170-180 lbs would look very impressive on a guy of average height. In fact, few naturals will ever achieve those stats.

A very controversial topic nevertheless, but please comment and share your toughts!!

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