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Mental Prep Tips For A New Healthy Lifestyle

Debunked by LabShapers

New year resolutions…FAILED!

By the midst of January, or even earlier, you are tired, starved, drained and revert back to chocolate chips night snacks and fridge binging.

Why you want to change

meditationIt’s great to have this surge of pure willpower, unfortunately most folks do not sustain this. What’s important is that you address fundamental questions around why you want to change and how you will go about it. These are the pillars and foundation for maintainable long term success.

Be Aware

You have excellent reasons to make changes, but on the other hand, you most certainly have tons of bigger reasons not to. Folks often neglect the reasons not to make a change. And we need to address those early on before they come back and haunt us later on.

Joining a gym and sticking to a consistent regimen of 3 times a week is a massive undertaking.

What you haven’t stopped to consider is that you don’t have time to drive back and forth. See? there’s Mr. unsustainable breathing down your neck. As much as your willpower might get you up earlier, your daily habits and routines AND the stuff life throws at you puts you back and destroys all those good intentions.

Change the ‘Why’ balance

balanceEssential! So that there’s more stamina around CHANGE than the counter-part blocking you from your goals. Dig a little deeper than you normally do, because if your main reasons are purely superficial, there just may not be enough fuel to get through the dips, ups and downs.

A deeeeeeeep yearning should bring tears to your eyes. And that’s the kind of spirit that can make the difference in persistence.

Aint easy, but focus on learning

Focus on learning! Know the implications of crash diets, perform the right exercises and in time you notice you are getting better at it. Get some motivation from youtube, but carefull with the cowboys. Rewrite the wiring in your brain to support this new lifestyle. Automatic exercise habits take longer to establish than other habits, whereas nutritional changes might take less time.

It is a learning process. If things fail, you want to bounce back. Don’t think of exercise and health as a chore… Enjoy And Ease Up!

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