Nutrient Deficiencies Cause Weight Loss Stagnation

Debunked by LabShapers

Modern society has been overfed and undernourished for a long time. Due to nutrient deficiencies, fat loss stagnates

In fact, most obese children and adults are malnourished. While that might sound odd, an abundance of calories does not necessarily deliver the right micronutrients. Actually, Overeating creates nutrient deficiencies.

Metabolism stagnates

When you consume too many calories (for an extended period of time, cheat meals are fine) and few unprocessed whole foods, your metabolism stagnates and does not function like it should. It lacks the proper vitamins and minerals!

Hidden cause

When you’re doing everything correctly but can’t lose weight, there are two major possibilities: Metabolic issues or you are underestimating the amount of calories you take in. Many readers complain about this problem. they feel like every option is exhausted, yet when we examine their food intake and exercise program, we always find a hidden cause contributing to their weight loss problems.

Nutritional imbalances

Foods today are less nutritious, lack the proper vitamins and minerals and of course lead to nutritional imbalances.

We simply do not eat enough whole foods

Processed, inflammatory pre-packaged foods were not in our diet as recent as the “golden” 60’s. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed teeth to consume their meals…think about it, we dont 🙂

Re-optimize nutrient levels

  • Include whole, unprocessed foods
  • Get sufficient high quality protein
  • Manage stress levels (put on some
  • Get 6-8 hours of decent sleep
  • Exercise 3 times a week preferably HIIT
  • Keep busy
  • Enjoy the OCCASIONAL processed cheat meal

For most folks, these key points will help optimize their metabolism and reignite the fire in their bodies! Keep fighting for your goals and stay tuned!

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