Are All Obese People Idiots?

Debunked by LabShapers

Obese People are Idiots. The heavier you are, the lower your IQ, say French scientists…

Blood pressure issues, shorter lifespan and… your heart may explode. French scientists claim that not only does gaining weight lowers your current intelligence, but obese folks are dumber overall! (Source: Toulouse University Hospital)

Decline in cognitive function

A recent study of more than 2000 adults claims to have found a correlation between obesity and a significant decline in cognitive function. The research, conducted by scientist originating from “la douce France” involved people with a Body Mass Index higher than 30.

These “Fat” folks could recall lesser words in a vocabulary test then other random individuals with a BMI lower than 20…

The same tests were then repeated five years later showing the same results. Hence they concluded an intelligence declination?!

Hormones secreted from fats

The research suggested that hormones secreted from stored fatty acids could have a damaging effect on our brain cells, resulting in decreased function. Another theory could be cardiovascular. Due to the thickening of the blood vessels, they would obstruct the arteries in the brain.

Unsustainable research

However not all “experts” agree, and several doctors said the research seemed to random and unsustainable. Just look around you, and you will see lots of chubby successful entrepreneurs and ceo’s. We share this vision, question the findings and firmly believe that when you lose weight it’s your waistline and health that improves, not your cerebellum…

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