Pasta makes you fat! and other common diet myth’s debunked

Debunked by LabShapers

Myth No. 1: Pasta makes you fat.

Why?: When you consume carbs, your body turns them into sugars, which are stored as fat.
Debunked: Carbs don’t make you fat; excess calories do. Problem is that we tend to eat too much of it.

Myth No. 2: Don’t eat after 8 pm

Why?: You burn up the food you eat earlier in the day, while late-night calories sit in your system and turn into fat.
Debunked: Your body does not shut down at night!

Myth No. 3: Eating 6-8 small meals boosts your metabolism.

Why?: If you keep ingesting small amounts of food, you will keep your metabolism elevated and burn more calories overall.
Debunked: Food intake has a minimal effect on metabolism.

Myth No. 4: Milk can help with your weight-loss.

Why?: Calcium helps the body break down fat, stimulating weight loss.
Debunked: Dairy doesn’t appear to have magic properties at all. Calcium has a great effect on bone density, nails and teeth, but none whatsoever on weight loss.

Myth No. 5: Coffee will help you lose weight.

Why?: The caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant and a fatburning booster.
Debunked: Caffeine may temporarily reduce your appetite. Overdo and anxiety, sleeplessness, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure are the results

Myth No. 6: Going on a strict diet is the key to lose weight.

Why?: Switching to a strict plan temporarily is the smartest way to drop those pounds.
Debunked: We are human, and can’t live with strict rules. This destroys our social life and clears the path for eating disorders.

Myth No. 7: To lose weight, you need to cut calories intake drastically.

Why?: Eat less; weigh less.
Debunked: you’ll take off weight, but it won’t be for long. HUNGER will destroy you! Also our bodies are brilliant at keeping us alive when we try to starve them. Your body becomes more efficient at using the calories you consume, so you need fewer to survive… Et voila -> the jojo effect

Myth No. 8: Fat makes you fat.

Why?: Fat has nine calories per gram, and are directly stored in our fat reserves.
Debunked: A modest amount of fat may help you feel full, AND fats are the building blocks of our hormones. You don’t want to touch that!

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