The Perfect 8-Week Steroid Cycle

Debunked by LabShapers

An 8-week steroid cycle could blob on some rock hard lean muscle mass, but at what price?

YOLO right?, let’s do some roids and get BIG and SHREDDED real fast! As you might already guess, the average person using roids will generally get huge results in terms of building muscle, improving performance and lowering body fat levels.

Sounds great! any inconvenient side effects?

A few, nothing to be concerned about: Reduced libido, depression, or joint pain, liver & kidney issues, heart problems…but hey, small things!

Drug use makes up for a shitty diet or workout program. That’s a proven fact.

Crap routines… for us natural people, but add some juice into the equation, and all that changes spectacularly. Nevertheless, what are these results – mostly temporary – worth to you? Remember that your health is priceless, and some damage can not be undone.

What could you expect?

With enough juice, your workout routine becomes irrelevant. You can go to the gym and bang your head on a wall for 20 minutes and still get better results than a “natty”. Aside from The unrealistic Male Expectations problem, you could expect pounds of “gainz” on a popular cycle.

  • Test, three injections per week of 250 mg
  • letrozole, about 0.7mg/day
  • HCG 250 IU three times per week

Afraid of injections? Oral and mild start? go Anavar…Thanks for shopping at and have a nice day!

Prohibited an illegal

Taking anabolic steroids, besides being prohibited by most organizations, is illegal.

Smuggled or made in clandestine labs could be literally lethal and you could drop dead.

Stop thinking with your ego, put in the hard work, be patient, LEARN and acquire knowledge. Be safe folks!

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