Pokémon Go HIIT Workouts

Debunked by LabShapers

Pokémon Go is a massive HI(I)T! and if you want to catch em all, you need to get in shape.

Pokemon Go is the next big thing and is already getting people to move more. But you may want to crank things up a notch if you do want to catch em all. This far from dull workout will get you fit and can be easily tailored to your area.

Accidentally perform HIIT

Sore muscles might become a pandemic as Pokémon Go Players accidentally perform HITT cardio session without any intent. Interval training, for those who aren’t familiar with the concept, is a workout where you push yourself as hard as you can in short bursts, rest and repeat. We also referred to this in our 4-minute miracle post

PokéItems hatch if you walk or run

Pokémon Go workout participants are invited – after completing certain events – to perform a gruelling interval training – including push ups, dips and lunges. So, it looks like training your Pokémon can actually train you. Sprint for a short time, stop, catch your breath, and sprint again…it’s all possible!

This kind activity is perfectly suited for the Pokémon Go game-play

and knowing that you get to play while exercising is a massive motivator. Some items you collect at PokéStops only hatch if you walk or run, Could this be a Nintendo strategy to get us all fit while spiking profits?

Videogames and sports

We are all aware of the Pokémon Go craze, but what more and more folks realize is, that it’s actually the hottest and most unique fitness app on the market.

Why go to the gym when you could go to The GYM!?

Pokémon Go is so addictive that we are getting way more exercise than we’re used to. But in all honesty, We doubt this is a bad thing. The best of 2 worlds, videogames and sports, what more do you want?!

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