Squats Trigger Anabolic Hormones – Mother of All Compounds

Debunked by LabShapers

Performing large muscle group exercises, aka SQUATS boosts production of natural anabolic hormones

Want massive gains? Squat! Keynote: The legs hold half the body’s musculature and stimulating these gargantuan muscles triggers the production of anabolic hormones. (Link study)

Total body exercise

Squatting, world’s oldest exercise, has long been identified as a total body exercise. Every muscle in your body is activated during an intense squatting session.

Your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs are all working to stabilize the load

In essence, the mother of all compound exercises. A magnificent exercise that develops strength, size, stability and endurance.

Hormonal reaction

Squats can increase testosterone and growth hormone production which allows the entire body to benefit from these “side-effects”.

All types of resistance training cause a temporary increase in testosterone and growth hormone in relation to the size of the muscle!

No more excuses skipping leg day! Integrate a decent leg workout into your program and please don’t neglect this very import part of your body. Still to many beginners are guilty of blasphemy.

Still, Squats do not have some sort of monopoly on raising testosterone levels, but its a darn good movement. Get those asses to the floor and push…

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